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Limenaria Thassos

“Limeraria” is a beautiful town that is found in the southwest of the island with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. It became widely known due to its mines, which was the reason why Limenaria was founded. “Palataki” is the most popular site in Limenaria. It resembles a sparkling jewel on a rocky cape and perhaps the most important industrial monument of the Mediterranean. It is an example of central European architecture designed by Italian architect Arigoni.

Thassos is the most northern island in the Aegean and has enjoyed many names through history, now we call her the Emerald Island. Seen from the Greek mainland Thassos is a green oasis rising splendidly out of the deep blue Aegean. From time immemorial the marble, wines, olive oil, honey and other minerals, including gold, have been produced and have ensured Thassos has left an indelible mark on ancient and modern Greek history. Being only 7 kilometres from the mainland, it is easily reached and today is served by ferry boats which bring thousands of tourists to our shores every year.
Thassos has been inhabited from the Palaeolithic period and has been home to many cultures and civilisations and is rich in in history and legend. One of her most famous sons from antiquity is Theagenes the Olympian athlete who, it is said, earned 1300 crowns during his competitive years. He is still celebrated on the island and a statue to his memory welcomes visitors to the capital of the island, Limenas (Thassos Town). A famous contemporary son of Thassos was Polygnotos Vagis, a world renowned sculptor who was born and raised in Potamia and dedicated many of his works to the island, these can be viewed in a museum in Potamia which bears his name.
Modern day Thassos is a vibrant and cosmopolitan island which welcomes visitors from all over the world. Being a relatively large island, you will find many different types of accommodation, restaurants, beaches, monasteries, churches. You can enjoy the different worlds of the coastline which ranges from sheer cliffs sheltering hidden beaches to wide and long expanses of fine sand. The other world of the mountains, mountain villages, dense forests, hiking trails and cool mountain streams tumbling over waterfalls is a short journey away and not to be missed.